Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 25 in 2009). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War, it was expanded after World War I to include American casualties of any war or military action.

- Wikipedia

Lesson Plan Information
Title: Mapping Your State's Role In the Vietnam War
Objectives: Students will:
  • create a map that illustrates your state impact of the Vietnam War.
  • recognize the reasons we celebrate Memorial Day.
    Concepts: Vietnam War, Memorial Day, soldiers, war, state, geography, Veteran's Day
    Grade Level: K-12
    Subject: Civics, history, geography
    Materials: Internet access, a large map of your state.
    Time Needed: Two 50-minute class periods
    Provided by: Education World, Submitted By Gary Hopkins
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