Saturday, March 6, 2010

Michelangelo, Who Painted the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Was Born

Michelangelo (1475 - 1564) was an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet, and engineer. Despite making few forays beyond the arts, his versatility in the disciplines he took up was of such a high order that he is often considered a contender for the title of the archetypal Renaissance man, along with his rival and fellow Italian Leonardo da Vinci.

- Wikipedia

Lesson Plan Information
Title: Michelangelo Art
Objectives: Students will learn about the artist Michelangelo and what it was like to paint the Sistine Chapel.
Grade Level: 2-6
Subject: Art, Social Studies
Materials: Paper, Tape, Crayons, Markers, Paint, Brushes, desks, colored pencils etc.
Time Needed: Two 50-minute class periods
Provided by: Hotchalk - The Lesson Plans Page (Author: Audrey)

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