Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hollywood Legend Elizabeth Taylor Dies

Elizabeth Taylor (1932 – 2011) was considered one of the great screen actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age and a two-time winner of the Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Actress. The American Film Institute named Taylor seventh on its Female Legends list.

Best known for her films: National Velvet (1944), A Place in the Sun (1951), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), Cleopatra (1963), Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966), Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967).

- Wikipedia

Lesson Plan Information
Title: Cleopatra
Subject: Ancient Civilizations
Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students will understand that:
- Comparing people and ranking them is a difficult challenge.
- People are important to society in many different ways.
Concepts / Vocabulary: Consort, femme fatale, linguist, dysfunctional, inflation, prenuptial, disembarked
Grade Level: 6-8
Materials:Access to a photocopier, biographical reference materials, computers with access to the Internet.
Time Needed: Two 50-minute class periods
Provided by: Discovery Education (Credit: Jay Lamb, world history and religion teacher, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Virginia; Sandy Lamb, social studies teacher, Thomas Jefferson High School.)


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